Went to IKEA Today!

IKEA entrance showing people walking into store.

Today I went to IKEA with my mom. It’s one of our favorite stores to shop. I found a small standing mirror and colored pencils. How perfect is that for my scrapbooking projects? 

My next trip is to California! I plan to create lovely scrapbooks with photos and all kinds of creations. 

I read an article about how to collect stories in the area you’re visiting. I think I will visit some businesses and get to know the area. I can use the stories as a kind of foundation in my scrapbook. 

I know, though, that once you get to know other people’s stories, you usually get hundreds of different ideas on how you could “preserve” or portray these stories. And I think this is a sound basis for all kinds of scrapbooking – the starting point in preserving a story, a moment, a tidal period in our lives and portraying it artistically and creatively. I often think about why I create scrapbooks. Why it feels so great when I finish a project, like a scrapbooking album. Knowing that an album will last for years to come is amazing!

My sister is getting married next month and asked me to create a scrapbook for her wedding. Of course, I said yes, but now I have performance anxiety! Where do I start? I have some idea to collect stories just like I plan to do for my California trip by interviewing people who know the bride and groom. I can then base parts of my scrapbooking album on these stories. At present, I’m not able to use any wedding pictures because there are no pictures! Aahhh! Headaches!

If you have any ideas, please let me know.

One of the things I love about scrapbooking is the creative outlet. I rarely have an exact theme to use, but I love photography, where I can use an image as the engine of my projects. I believe every picture carries a story. You can start from the photograph and then build the scrapbook with the picture’s “inherent” story as the theme.

The problem is that I am not the world’s best photographer. Emma Davies of A Year with My Camera says. “The only photographer I will compare myself with is the one I used to be.”

Isn’t that a beautiful quote? And it’s true. I’m a better photographer today that I was before. It’s not a competition, and I try my best. I recently purchased an excellent digital camera, but I am still learning the buttons and all the functions. But I took it out yesterday anyway to see what I could do. I chose trees as my subject. Here is a tree image I really like.

One of my favorite images of a tree.

What do you think?

Trees are a good starting point for a scrapbooking because they represent life, the shifts of life, mood, psychology, and a lot of other emotions. My intention is also to pick sheets and dry them and insert them into my scrapbooking album. But I need to start on my sister’s wedding scrapbook. Ahh! Too many things to do. 

Coming up next, a scrapbooking technique you can’t believe you’ve lived without until now.